Call to action – made easy….


A CALL TO ACTION has been issued to IEA members, urging them to immediately contact their state representatives and tell the lawmakers to VOTE NO on Gov. Rauner’s “right to work” bill.

We will be promoting this call to action in a variety of ways between now and Thursday, but all IEA members and staff are encouraged to share this link and any information with all colleagues and supporters of public education.


Charles McBarron

Take action – Call or email your representative

The Illinois House is scheduled to vote on Thursday, May 14, on the governor’s “right to work” bill.
Tell your state representative to VOTE NO on “right to work”
It takes just a moment to call your representative on the “Defeat Right to Work Hotline”
  1. Call: 888-412-6570
  2. Listen to the message, then punch in your zip code
  3. Once connected, tell your representative to VOTE NO on the “right to work” bill
Here’s an example of what you might say:
Hello, my name is (____) and I live in your district. I am calling today to urge you to vote no on Gov. Rauner’s “right to work” proposal. 
“Right to work” will lower wages and hurt the Illinois economy. It will make it harder for people like me to make ends meet. 
Please vote no on the governor’s “right to work” proposal. 
Thank you.

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