Mundelein Decicdes NOT to advance on Turnaround agenda.

It looks like Mundelein’s Village Board has decided not advance on Rauner’s Turnaround agenda. So our rally is cancelled. I’m sure the board members realized that we aren’t backing down and they’ve seen what happened other suburbs.
We will kneed to stay vigilant. Rauner’s people are not backing down and they will continue to pressure local governments all over the state.
It seems they had some success downstate in Effingham. I’m sure they will want to build on that.
Mundelein backs off on Rauner’s ‘Turnaround Agenda’

Mundelein officials say they’re deadlocked on how to revise Gov. Bruce Rauner’s “Turnaround Agenda” and will no longer pursue the topic.
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Stop Right to Work

Next Monday, April 27th, we are asking members and residents from the entire region to bring people out to the Mundelein Village Hall.  The Village board is scheduled to vote on Rauner’s anti-union “Empowerment Zone” resolution.  It has already been delayed once in Mundelein, but now they, “the Board” may consider the merits of the bill; and vote to pass – “the bill,” during the April 27th “Board” meeting.
We are asking “UNION” members to be at the new Village Hall – 300 Plaza Drive – downtown Mundelein, at 6:15 pm.  We have our own draft resolution (attached) that WE will be signing and reading to the Trustee Board.  We ask everyone who can possible come to bring friends and family members and get this stopped.  We are working on sending the resolution out electronically to local members and asking for an “electronic signature” to bolster our numbers, but everyone present at the meeting can sign one of the sheets.  We are hoping to get over 100 teachers; plus 100 Educational Support Professionals out to this event.  The resolution is actually adapted from language made by our new statewide labor coalition.
Thank you for all the help.
David B. Jelliff

STOP right to work

Protect the Middle Class Resolution

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A Message From the Libertyville Office

Action Alert!

Residents and Educators in Mundelein have already spoken out against Governor Rauner’s “Right to Work” Zones, and trustees in Libertyville unanimously rejected them; but Rauner’s allies are trying to sneak them past us again. The Village Board will once again debate a resolution in support of Rauner’s “Turnaround Agenda” on Monday, April 27th at 7:00 PM.

Implementing “Right to Work” (for less) zones in Mundelein will create a “race to the bottom” that depresses middle class wages and dries up the amount of money available for schools.

Residents and Educators from across Lake County are coming together at 6:15 to rally against bringing “Right to Work” to our community. Please come and bring your friends and family members to get this stopped. And take a moment to sign our own Resolution protecting middle-class jobs.

The Rally to Protect the Middle Class will be held

Monday, April 27th 

at 6:15PM at:
The Mundelein Village Hall
300 Plaza Circle

Mundelein, IL 60060

TRS Candidates and Ballot

As many of you know, Cinda Klickna (IEA statewide President) and Andrew Hirshman, Mundelein HS teacher, are running as the IEA endorsed candidates for the two open TRS trustee positions.  There are two people running against them (one is an administrator from an affluent district pushing for a pension cost shift to local districts, if that helps motivate you…).  Every contributing member of TRS can vote and it is important to do everything we can to bring home a win to help defend our pensions.
Every HEA teacher should have received a ballot for TRS Board elections in the mail. It is critically important that every member vote. Anyone who has lost their ballot, I will forward detailed information on on-line voting when I have it.
Conrad Floeter
Andrew just sent me this info for online TRS voting. I can speak from experience that calling TRS is unbelievably pleasant experience. They are extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Anyone who doesn’t know there account number will be taken care of.
TRS is governed by 13 Trustees – the IL superintendent of ed., 6 governor appointed, 4 member elected, 2 retiree elected. By law, the president of the board is the IL superintendent of ed.

Attention Mundelein Residents

Mundelein residents. I’ve attached a copy of the resolution that will be considered by the Mundelein Village Board meeting tonight. Mundelein’s mayor would like to make Mundeleinn a “right to work” or a Rauner empowerment zones. We need to get as many members ads possible there tonight.
I will be in a meeting in MS conference room, but I could be pulled briefly to explain the seriousness of this effort to exec board.
From Dave Jelliff:
Below is the link to the Mundelein Village Board meeting tomorrow (Monday April 13, 2015) evening.  Please note the Rauner:  Right to Work Zone is part of the agenda.  Please share with all you can; specifically those who are residents of Mundelein.  Residents of Mundelein should be outraged; please encourage local residents to stand up and speak out against “RTW” Zones in their community.
I have been in contact with “friends” of ours and those who represent other unions.  All are attempting to encourage our “union residents” to show up and speak up during tomorrow’s Village Board Meeting.
The information below is what was shared with me earlier this evening.  I opened the attachment and it is the agenda for tomorrow night’s meeting.  I have no other information to share at this time.  For a quick reference I am encouraging individuals to seek out talking points at:;<> or the IEA-NEA Mobile Application (IPhone or Android – I believe).
Sincerely, Dave Jelliff
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Right to Work in Mundelein