Feedback Requested

At last year’s IEA Representative Assembly there was much discussion was among delegates about Common Core and high stakes testing. I fully expect that these will be an even bigger topic at this years RA in April. Before I go to the RA as your elected delegate, I would be interested in learning about the experiences of Hawthorn teachers in these areas.Specifically, how has the implementation of CCSS enhanced your students learning? Do you feel the standards are appropriate for the level of students you teach? What criticisms either positive or negative do you have about CCSS.
This year we begin implementing the PARCC. How much instructional time are you devoting to test prep? How much instructional time will be needed for test administration? Do you anticipate that these tests will help your students or improve your understanding of your students needs? How do you feel about students test results being a part of your evaluation? Are we prepared technology wise?
I would appreciate hearing from any of you or any colleagues you know who do not get HEA e-mails. Send e-mail to my personal e-mail I do not intend to share anyone’s specific responses.I’m really looking for an overall sense of how these issues are playing out in our district. If anyone does not wish to use e-mail, they can send me written responses to me at Middle South or call/text my cell 847-338-9764
Conrad Floeter

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