Campaign/Election Update

As the attached e-mail tells us, the next few days are absolutely critical if we are to defeat Bruce Rauner and his anti public education agenda. I am planning on being in Zion this weekend to canvas with Zion teachers. Let me me know if you or any of your colleagues is interested in joining us. If you’d rather knock on doors where you live or teach, let me know, or e-mail Tom Maillard  <> and we will to to set you up.
I was phone banking at Libertyvillle IEA offices last night with teachers from Regions 49, 60 and 66. I’d love to have some Region 38 teachers join me for the next round of phone banking this Thursday. You can call members of your local if that is what you’re comfortable with. BTW the pizza from Rosati’s was delicious.
If you’re willing to call from Quinn HQ in Grayslake, 960 Harris Road #1B, across from the Prairie Crossing Metra station, that help would also be welcome. E-mail Tom or just show up.
Please share this e-mail and information with other members in your building or local.
Conrad Floeter
GPA IEA Region 38
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From: Thomas Maillard <>
Subject: Go Time
Hi everyone,
Sorry I haven’t been able to communicate as much as needed but wanted to catch up and get you all the information that I have for this final week.
Between today and Tuesday, my number one need is people willing to knock on doors.  Our people need to at the very least commit to making calls because this race is very tight, and the most effective conversations are those face-to-face conversations.  We are heavily targeting Zion, North Chicago, & Waukegan (yes I’m avoiding sending IEA teachers to Waukegan with the current school/LCFT status) but we do need help everywhere in the county.  Data entry, sign delivery, volunteer recruitment, and get out the vote calls are all needed greatly.
Let’s talk if needed, but it’s that time that we need to put the big asks into our people.  We’ve all preached the devastating impact that a Rauner win for Governor will have on the schools, but unless our people help extend the message to the public during this last week, we’ve just been preaching to the choir of our teachers.
Final Stretch and I want to express my dearest gratitude and appreciation for all you’ve done so far to help myself as well as many others with this election.  Any victories that happen will be in no short part due to the hard work you’ve all completed.
Thanks so much for your help and I certainly will not forget all that you’ve done to help me,
Tom Maillard

Attend the Vice President’s Appearance

Brad Schneider’s campaign has given HEA 15 tickets to the vice-president’s appearance at the Sullivan Center next Wednesday. MSS principal is OK with any teacher who wants to attend skipping the HMSS faculty meeting and leaving after students are dismissed. Teachers in other buildings will need to work things out with their principals. The campaign has asked that anyone who accepts a ticket provide Name, Address and e-mail. It’s first come first served to the first 15 HEA members who e-mail Conrad Floeter the required info.

This weekend canvasing for Terry Link

Some of you have told me you’ll join me this weekend canvasing for Terry Link. Some have expressed interest and some of you can’t make it but have teachers in your building who may be interested. Here’s the where, when, and what, of canvasing, so if you coming, let me know. If you’re not, please spread the word to those teachers who may be interested in the work and making some extra spending cash. A little personal invite can be most effective as in “Hey I think you’d really get a lot out of this, why don’t you contact  Conrad and tell him you can do this.” You get the idea.
So here’s the scoop:
Meet up at Elem South parking lot 2:30 on Saturday and 1:00 on Sunday.
The precincts we will be canvasing are in Deerpath, Stone Fence Farms and Vernon Hills south of Rt 45
We will be going to homes of voters who have voted Democratic in the past but occasionally skip off year elections, so you can expect a generally friendly reception.
You will have a short script you can use and a literature piece on Terry Link you can hand to voters or leave in the door if no answer.
I will have maps and address list for every canvaser. Unless people get a burst of enthusiasm, I’m thinking we spend no more than 3 hrs at it. Ideally it works best if we have at least 2 teams of 2 taking opposite sides of the street.
I (actually IPACE) will be treating all canvasers to post walk meal. The campaign has said it will pay canvasers $12 an hour so I will submit vouchers to the campaign for everyone who wants to get paid.
Hope to see some of you this weekend. Please spread the word in your buildings. I gave out all the Educators for Quinn yard signs I had but I will let everybody know when more are available. We are still phone banking for Quinn from IEA’s Libertyville office on Tuesdays and Thursday at 4:30

Terry Link Campaign Opportunity

HEA has made a commitment to the Terry Link campaign to canvas 4 precincts in our Hawthorn community. We are hoping to recruit crews of 3-4 for next Saturday and Sunday afternoon. Canvasers will be paid $12 an hour and IPACE will pay for food and drinks afterward. A great opportunity to get in a little exercise, meet some members of our community, support a candidate who supports teachers, and earn some spending cash. Contact Conrad Floeter or Eileen Duhig as soon as possible so we can get organized.

Friends and Family of Sente

Attached you would find the F&F packet for Rep. Sente. It includes instructions for writing the letter which can be hand signed and sent to your list of Friends and Family by the Sente campaign. A map of Carol’s district is also included to check if your contacts live in the district.
For this who need something simple, I put a letter together from the suggestions. It can be copied and pasted into an e-mail. If you have any questions please let me know.
Conrad Floeter
Dear __________,
Please join me in supporting Carol Sente, for the Illinois House of Representatives.
Carol is a strong independent voice, reaching across party lines for the best interests of our district, rather than following orders from party leaders.
Carol has worked diligently to bring much needed fiscal responsibility to our state. She has passed unprecedented budget reforms to stop government overspending by requiring a bipartisan line-by-line review of the state budget, thereby demanding results and eliminating waste.
To reduce state spending, Carol leads by example. She has voted to cut her own pay and rejected raises for elected officials.
We need to send Carol back to Springfield, so she can continue to serve our families by working to create good paying, sustainable jobs in our area and state and to improve the quality of education.
I hope you will consider my personal endorsement of State Representative Carol Sente when you vote on November 4th. Please also ask your friends and family to vote for Carol Sente. I truly believe Carol offers our state the fresh energy we so desperately need and that she will continue to keep her promise to change business-as-usual in Springfield.

Need extra income?

Here’s a great opportunity for HEA members to assist a pro-education candidate while making a little extra income. Senator Terry Link is running for re-election and looking for some assistance from individuals willing to canvass their neighborhoods. Specifically, we would like to get people involved in Vernon Hills, Indian Creek, Mundelein, Lincolnshire, and Libertyville.
The campaign will pay canvassers $12 an hour to educate voters on the importance of this election. If interested, call (847) 271-9685 and ask for Mike or
Terry voted no on SB 1, supporting our pension rights. He has consistently sided with IEA on our issues. There is no candidate more supportive of public education than Terry Link. Canvassing is a great activity to do with a buddy. If you you’re looking for some moral support Conrad Floeter will try to accompany any canvassers who sign up.