Just 36 hours of activity is all we need from you!

Now is the time! Starting Monday morning we are asking each and every one of you to commit to engaging our membership in a phone/e-mail/twitter blitz on the state capitol. We want our membership to demand the General Assembly do its job and allow for a state-wide debate on the fairest method of repairing the state’s budget. Word is that Senator Harmon has the Senate locked up!! Now it’s the House that must get our attention.

Please (direct, ask, cajole, beg) members to call their representatives and say the following:

Representative ________ vote for HJRCA 49 the Fair Tax Amendment. It is time for the General Assembly to allow the citizens of Illinois to debate and vote on a fair way to fix the state’s budget mess. Let the voters decide.

Members can certainly add their own arguments but at the deadline this is the easiest argument to make and the hardest to counter.

All House Democrats are targets with those downstate being crucial. The following House Republicans are targets as well:
*  Sandra Pihos (Glen Ellyn) R 48th
*  Dennis Reboletti (Addison) R 45th
*  Carol Sente (Lincolnshire) D 59th
*  Stephanie Kifowit (Aurora) R 84th
*  Scott Drury (Highwood) D 58th
*  Katherine Cloonen (Kankakee) D 79th

*  Tom Cross (Naperville) R  97th
*  Michael McAuliffe (Chicago) R 20th
*  Donald Moffitt (Galesburg) R 74th
*  JoAnn Osmond (Gurnee) R 61st
Ben Matthews and I will be reaching out to offices on Monday to see if there is anything else we can do for you. For 36 hours I ask that you lobby, lobby and then lobby some more. And don’t worry, all that work will still be on your desk come Wednesday morning!
Sean Burns
2110 Clearlake Blvd, Suite 103
Champaign, IL 61822