Worried about 70/30 class size proposed rules?

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Worried about 70/30 class size proposed rules? Make your voice heard!
The Illinois State Board of Education is trying again to boost the number of special education students that can be placed in general and special education classrooms, jeopardizing the opportunity for all students to get the best education possible.
Our chance to defeat it at the Jan. 22 board meeting depends on you. Click here to send a personal emailto ISBE board members. Include in your email:
  • How long you’ve been in the classroom,
  • Where you work,
  • How a change in this law will negatively affect the learning of general and special education students.
Sending this email will ensure all ISBE board members get your message.
Feel free to share this information with parents and encourage them to send emails, as well. They should note that they are a parent, where their student attends school and how they believe this change would negatively affect their student.
If ISBE’s attempt to change the proposed rules succeeds, it would mean there would be no state limit on the number of students with disabilities that school districts could place in either type of classroom.
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