Pension emergency day declared – Prepare to act!

Pension emergency day declared – Prepare to act!


state pensionThe We Are One Illinois coalition is declaring Monday, Dec. 2 a pension emergency day.

Politicians are expected to return to Springfield on Dec. 3, to vote on an unfair, unconstitutional pension scheme devised by legislative leaders.

For years, we have fought off unconstitutional pension attacks but it appears an actual vote that could cut pension benefits for retirees and active employees is imminent.

This plan will blend unfair, unconstitutional elements from old, failed bills – such as cuttingCOLAs by one-third or more, hiking retirement ages, undermining pensions by expanding 401(k)’s, and other devastating pension cuts. As this is the legislative leaders’ plan, it will be very hard to stop.

It’s also likely that the leaders will unveil the legislation quickly and try to jam it through the House and the Senate without enough time for open hearings or public review.

That’s why we’re ramping up our advocacy efforts and declaring Dec. 2 as “Pension Emergency Day.” We will be setting up a series of actions at legislators’ district offices to let them know we need their help in opposing the leaders’ extreme proposal.

Please check the IEA website for updates fromWe Are One and the IEA regarding Pension Emergency Day activities.

  • E-mail your lawmakers right now and tell them you oppose the leaders’ extreme pension scheme by clicking here.

  • Be ready to call your state representative and your state senator on our call-action Nov. 25-26 and Dec. 2-3. The We Are One Illinois hotline is 888-412-6570, or click here to call.

This threat to retirement security is very real. But, together, we have defied the odds before and defeated harmful pension legislation. To get the best results again, lawmakers have to hear from you as a constituent and voter.

Continue to watch the website for information!



Letter from President Klickna 11/17


Your organization is under attack by a group intent on taking away your collective bargaining rights.

IEA members in several districts have been receiving emails in their school mailboxes from the Illinois Policy Institute (IPI) urging the members to withdraw their support from IEA and from IEA’s political action committee, IPACE.

In the email, IPI describes itself as a “non-partisan policy research organization.”

That is a lie.

IPI is an anti-union, anti public education lobbying group dedicated to the privatization of public schools and the elimination of public employee pensions.

The Illinois Policy Institute is funded by conservative activists like the Koch brothers, the people behind the attacks on education employees in Wisconsin.

Unable to win in the Illinois legislature, IPI now wants our members to withdraw their support of IEA, the organization that is protecting the rights of school employees and advocating for students.

There is no better proof of the success of IEA (and IPACE) than the fact that IPI wants to eliminate us.

If the IPI had its way,

*  Our members could be fired at the whim of their principal.
*  Education employees would not be allowed to bargain for decent wages and benefits.
*  More taxpayer dollars would be diverted to private schools or to charters that stop their employees from joining unions.

Regarding IEA’s political action fund, the annual IPACE per-member contribution is $30, which helps IEA keep organizations like the Illinois Policy Institute from destroying your pensions and gutting your other rights.

What you can do

We urge you to talk with your members about this attack on their organization.

Remind them that IPI:

*  Wants to strip them of their rights
*  Wants to eliminate their pensions
*  Wants to privatize public education

Colleagues, we have pensions and the rights we currently enjoy because we’ve stuck together. We must continue to remain united and fight our attackers.

If any members have any other questions about this issue, please contact your elected IEA state-wide officers – Cinda Klickna, Kathi Griffin, and Al Llorens.