IEA Government Relations Update

Good afternoon,
Attached please find a brief legislative update of bills, issues and events of note to IEA members. Please share this information with your colleagues. (Keep in mind this is not a comprehensive list of all the bills we’re tracking. It is just a brief overview.)


Michelle Ishmael


Illinois Education Association

IEA Government Relations Update 4-29-2013.pdf IEA Government Relations Update 4-29-2013.pdf
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Keep Making A Difference

There have been rumors about a deal happening today, 4-24, on pension legislation. According to this recently posted video from IEA Director Of Government Relations, Jim Reed, there is no deal at this time. IEA and We Are ONe have not changed any of their positions and your calls are making a difference.

LCROE’s Powerpoint for Illinois Licensure System

Hi All,

Many of our members attended the Lake County Regional Office of Education’s meetings regarding the Illinois Licensure System. They were kind enough to share the powerpoint information packet, and are also willing to help others that have questions. Seek help and direction from your building representatives. Also if you have specific knowledge, let it shine and help others! 🙂

Thank you for being contributors and collaborators in navigating these new waters!

2013 Educator Licensure ppt. packet

To: Pension Stalwarts From: Bob Haisman

Former IEA president, Bob Haisman,  has been sounding the alarm on the pension issue for some time and, as he point’s out, has generally been a more timely source of information than the IEA has been. Any HEA member who wants to stay informed should “like” his Pension 101 Facebook page.


Here (AGAIN!) is the Pension 101 – Face Book Pension page.  Please distribute it! Ask your colleagues to “LIKE IT”!  (even if they don’t – LOL!)  Ask them to become my Friend!  (even if they don’t want to! )

Here is reason. As we move forward  we have a need for quick communications. I have 2300 names on an antiquated delivery system. I can not get messages out any faster than IEA — which I have to admit  ( Even “Mr. IEA Cheerleader” has to admit it)  has been slow and confused in their pension messaging lately.

So with the Face Book page — I can get stuff OUT faster — I can never make up for the IEA but maybe they will get there act focused before May!??

Become a friend? Ask your “people” to “LIKE ME” — even if they (and You) don’t want to – LOL!  Help me get the word out!  Help me play Paul and Pauline Revere — “The Pension Killers are Coming” ….. “The Pension Killers Are Coming”!!!!….Let use this time the House is on Spring Break to get our folks ready for the “MAY Marathon”…..


Questions? Bob Haisman – – 708 997 1993 

Bob Haisman’s Pension Face Book Page …….

Your Action Is Needed:

Immediate action is needed to protect your pension and the pensions of other IEA members.

A pension-cutting bill, HB 3411 (known as the Nekritz-Cross bill) is expected to be called for a vote this week in the Illinois House Of Representatives.

Protect your pension:

  1. Call 888-412-6570 to be connected with your state representative
  2. Tell your representative to vote NO on HB 3411 and to VOTE NO any bill opposed by IEA!

The message is simple. Tell your representative:

  •  As an IEA member living in your district I am urging you to VOTE NO on HB 3411. IEA opposes this unfair and unconstitutional legislation.
  • VOTE NO on all other bills opposed by IEA.

Check the IEA websiteIEA Facebook and Twitter pages for updates on the pension fight.

Talk with your colleagues and make sure that, when the time comes, everyone is involved in the fight.

Take Action:

IEA’s Pension “TRUE REFORM” (as opposed to Madigan’s Fake Reform) Bill SB 2404 must “pass out” of the Senate Executive Committee by Friday or it is dead.  IEA’s SB2404 is the only pension “reform” bill still alive in the legislature that we (IEA) supports.

 SB 2404 asks active teachers to pay  2% of their salaries as contributions to their pensions (I know many of you hate that but…..), but it is the only reform bill with a chance to be enacted that places most of the responsibility for making the pension systems solvent on the general public, where it belongs (STATE).

But SB 2404 is clinging to life. It seems stuck in the Senate Executive Committee where it has been lodged since mid-March. And it must be voted out of committee by Friday or it will die. 
SB 2404 is posted for a hearing on Wednesday – possibly its last chance.

Please call members of the Senate Executive Committee and ask them to “Spring SB 2404”  from Committee!!  

Senator Terry Link (Dist 30) represents Hawthorn and he is on the committee. Every member of HEA needs to call him TODAY! (217) 782-8181
Senator Matt Murphy (Dist 27) represents Arlington Hts, Palatine, Buffalo Grove. Members in those communities should also call him. (217) 782-4471
Here are links to e-mail and ph#s for all members of the Executive Committee. Calling all of them is a good idea. 
Senator Harmon – 217 782 8176 –

Silverstein – 217 782 – 5500 —

Clayborne – 217 – 782 – 5399 —

President John Cullerton – — 217 – 782 – 2728

Hunter — 217 – 782 – 5966 —

Lightford — 217 – 782 – 8505 – 

Link – 217 -782 – 8181 — 

Munoz – 217- 782 – 9415 – 

Steans – 217 – 782 – 8492 –

Trotter – 217 – 782 3201 –

Murphy – 217 – 782 – 4471 –

Luechtenfeld – 217 – 782 – 8137 –

Radogno –217-782– 9407 —

Righter – 217 –782 –6674 — 

Syverson — 217 – 782 — 5413 – 



Don’t Forget: Illinois Licensure System Seminar


 Illinois Licensure System Seminar 

For Changes Becoming Effective June, 2013


 DATES: April 11, 2013 OR April 15, 2013

(April 15TH is a repeat of April 11TH)

 TIME: 4:00 – 5:30 PM

 PLACE: College of Lake County

19351 West Washington Street

Grayslake, IL   60030

 Building C – Lower Level – Room C-005


PURPOSE: Assist educators in becoming aware of the new licensure system – preparation and proposed rules


There is no charge for the seminar

CPDU credit is available – there will be forms to complete for this at the seminar

You have the option to register online at, however no prior registration is required.  If you choose to pre-register:

Go to ESD heading; click on workshops, click on all workshops and “see all courses”, go to IL licensure workshop and choose the applicable date you would like to attend the seminar.

Please invite fellow colleagues holding an Illinois certificate (those who are retired, on medical leave or are no longer teaching) to this seminar.   It is our intent to inform as many Illinois certified people as possible regarding the upcoming changes on the NEW LICENSE AND HOW IT AFFECTS YOUR CERTIFICATES.