IEA President Update:

From President Cinda Klickna :
Campaign season is here and we are fully engaged.  There are three very important talking points that should be repeated consistently throughout the campaign …

at every meeting of members and/or leaders
at every conference
at every IEA venue
wherever and whenever two or more IEA members are gathered

1. Vote “NO” on the Constitutional Amendment (HJRCA 49) and urge friends and family members to vote “NO” as well, HJRCA 49 would require any pension benefit modification that is being considered by the General Assembly to require 3/5th majority vote to pass.  The constitutional amendment would also require that any local collectively bargained agreements be approved by a 3/5th majority vote of the school board if those agreements had incentives or additional compensation increases beyond salary.  Passage of this constitutional amendment directly targeting pensions would make it extremely difficult to improve retirement provisions in local contracts.  It would roadblock efforts to correct inequities in current pension law.

2. Barack Obama must be re-elected president.  The president and his opponent have stark differences on issues such as education funding, vouchers, early childhood education and pre-K funding, right to work laws, support for unions and associations, fair and equal pay for women, support for social security ad a host of other issues.

Go to for a detailed comparison of the candidates and their positions. IEA members are urged to join Educators for Obama at<>.  Many volunteer opportunities are available at home and in Iowa.

3. Vote for all your IEA-IPACE recommended candidates.  Each one has been carefully surveyed, screened, and interviewed by association members and leaders.  Each one has received the IEA recommendation after full and careful consideration of the issues, the candidate’s stances and her/his electability. Local, state and national legislation has an effect in every school district in our state and nation.  It is imperative that we elect the right people to public office.


Candidate/Teacher Meet and Greet Coffee

IEA is hosting a Candidate/Teacher Meet and Greet Coffee for IEA recommended candidates Sid Mathias (IL House 59) and Bob Dold (US Cong 10), this Saturday 9:00-10:00 a.m. at the Vernon Area Public Library, 300 Olde Half Day Rd in Lincolnshire. Both of these candidates would be representing Hawthorn Schools in Springfield and Washington DC. They are running in very contested races and IEA has made them both targeted races, which means that IEA is using all the resources it can to help their campaigns. Please take advantage of this opportunity to come out and meet both candidates, let them know about your concerns and learn why IEA has made their election a priority.