“Save our Pension” – Action Plan

Click below on the New RA Delegate Draft to see  a list of proposals that members of IEA-Retired, including former IEA President Bob Haisman, will be bringing to the floor of the RA this weekend. Although it is clear that many of the proposals would require a substantial increase in dues, we have heard from many members questioning,  “Where is IEA’s media presence in the battle?”. Our opponents have literally millions of dollars at their disposal. For IEA, fighting back will require more money than we currently have at our disposal. The only source of revenue IEA has is members dues. As Bob states in his NBI “X” proposal, “What is you Pension Worth?”. It is a question that we and all our members need to start asking ourselves.

The Civic Commission has created a new PAC specifically for the purpose of funneling more than a million dollars to contribute to campaigns of legislators who will support their version of “pension reform”. Members should not assume that we will win this fight.
These are only proposals. They will need to be debated and would require the approval of the delegates to the RA. People with strong feelings can contact me or any of our delegates (John Langelund, Erin Roche, Eileen Duhig, and Ryan Manning). I’m sure we will all be monitoring our e-mails.

Conrad Floeter

New RA Delegate draft


Your call, e-mail, or visit is needed!

We hope all HEA members have signed the petition to Governor Quinn asking him to restore funding to TRIP. Even better, send an e-mail to your legislator using this link. By putting in your address, it will go to your senator and rep. A phone call is or office visit is the most effective way to lobby your legislators. Please take the time this week to make that phone call.


Governor Quinn Do Not Cut Our Health Insurance!!!

In his 2013 Budget — Illinois Governor Quinn proposes to “zero out” the State’s Contribution to Retired Teachers Health Insurance (TRIP)!   Active Teachers and their districts contribute every pay check to this Insurance Program, Retired Teachers paid a substantial premium every month — without warning Governor Quinn unilaterally proposes to slash state support!   As a result, Retired Teachers Health Insurance Costs will significantly increase!   Governor Quinn is breaking the State’s promise to the men and women who spent 35 years teaching the children of Illinois — Tell Governor Quinn this is no way to support teachers!

That’s why I signed a petition to Governor Pat Quinn, which says:

“Governor Quinn!!!   We Urge YOU to restore the State’s contribution to Retired Teachers Health Insurance (‘TRIP’) Program — that you slashed from the Illinois’ Budget!”

Will you sign this petition? Click here: