Negotiations Update

Please see the attached letter for an update on negotiations. We hope that everyone is having a nice, relaxing summer.



  1. This appendix has language and numbers to prevent newer members from jumping older members
  2. This appendix has proposed language about how to best train 1:1 ESPs or teachers who are new to the district or whose jobs or responsibilities (i.e. the type of students they serve) have changed. (This is a first draft; feedback and input have been solicited from some instructional assistants. This document will be continually updated as we get feedback from ESPs).
  3. DRAFT – Stipends Chart 2018-2019 WITH ALL: This is the stipend appendix. Stipends are calculated based on the number of contact hours the coach/sponsor.
  4. Evaluation Language for Certified Staff


Contract info, presented 5/25/18

Contract Q & A – HEA 2018   (Updated 5/31/18, 3:16 pm)

HEA Contract Presentation 2018

FOR HEA MEMBERS – Proposed Contract Changes 2018-2021    (Updates 5/31/18, 3:16pm)

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to any of our negotiation members:

Negotiation committee:

Erin Roche, Middle North School, SPED

Terri Plohr, TL/DL Elementary, Music

Katie Krajewski,  Elementary South, PE

Sandra Cruickshank, Middle School South, ESP, Secretary

Eileen Duhig-Larson, Middle School South, LA